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Wellness Valley | Romagna Benessere

Wellness Valley | Romagna Benessere


Put on your running shoes if you want to do away with memory loss!

Put on your running shoes if you want to do away with memory loss!

The Benefits of Running

Growing research suggests exercise can stave off ageing and protect the rain from damage. It can even bring about “neurogenesis” or replacement of dying cells. While death reversal and indeed life extension are a long way off, neuro-regeneration is within arms reach. Regular running reduces the chances of neurodegenerative diseases Alzheimer’s striking you.

Researchers say the results point to the central role of running in maintaining brain health in later life and warding off cognitive impairment.

According to experts, changes in exercise levels are a must. More exercise increases the cognitive reserve and ensures the brain can withstand neuropathology. One of the reasons why exercise benefits cognitive performance is quite simply because the circulation improves with running and this leads to better brain health in current and later times.

So, put on your running shoes, if you want to do away with memory loss.


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